Eco Pak

Complete Spa Control

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Intuitive Innovation, Exceptional Sustainability

Treading lightly on you and the planet

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The Eco Pak control system combines two of Arctic Spas’ core values: intuitive innovation and exceptional sustainability.

With easily accessible and identifiable internal modules, Eco Pak also provides never-before-seen ease of maintenance for your spa’s internal elements. Clear labels and no ambiguity creates the ideal repair scenario for both you and your hot tub technician.

Sustainable design elements are amplified in Eco Pak, as well. This control system has ditched the traditional practice of replacing entire motherboards to upgrade one element. Instead, Eco Pak allows you to swap out individual components, saving time and money while preventing excess technological waste. Instead of requiring a costly and extensive module replacement, allow the ease of Eco Pak to shift your relationship with your spa and the environment.

Ease of Upgradability

Convenient Internet Connection

Internet connectivity for your spa allows Eco Pak to provide real time monitoring, downloadable upgrades, troubleshooting guides, and tutorials on how to best manage your hot tub. Become perfectly attuned to your spa’s needs at the touch of your fingertips.

This internet connection also turns your mobile device into a spa remote control with the help of OnSpa®. Through this perfect pairing you can change filtration rates, operate jets, stereos, and lighting systems, with Bluetooth streaming capabilities from any enabled device.

Discover the ease that comes with internet connectivity through Eco Pak and OnSpa®.

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