Dear Reg:

We are writing to confirm how well things went with the installation of the swim spa last Thursday.  Bruce and his crew did an absolutely masterful job.  I must admit, I was skeptical that so much could be accomplished so safely, so quickly.  In only 3 hours, the spa went from the back of the truck to its location, with no damage to plants, stones, windows, wood or animals.  Well done guys!

We were certainly appreciative of your sending Kurtis, who was professional and helpful.  I’m sure he could have handled any contingencies if they were needed, he’s a keeper.

I’m attaching some low res photos of the spa so far.  In short order it will look different, with bubbles and steam coming from the top.  If you are travelling to Salt Spring, you are welcome to drop by and see the marvellous view in person.

Best Regards
David and Susan

Susan Miller